Honourable Mention 1: The Whangie, Stirling, Claire Cunningham

A few months ago, long before the 32 Summits project came to mind, my friend Claire and I discussed the idea of going on a hillwalk next time I was in Scotland. Claire is a choreographer and performer, who uses crutches, both for everyday mobility, and in her performances. We were both interested in the idea of how a person using crutches would move in mountainous terrain. Naturally, we decided to add some snow and ice into the mix, drive half an hour north of Glasgow, and take on The Whangie!

10959386_786582471435648_4853357140819220512_n10407353_786582501435645_4344561072894939406_n10952401_786582521435643_8499982523048029837_n 1385689_786582544768974_6901223510085235386_n  1622157_786582601435635_6373624644381878916_n551553_786582614768967_2610153688664446620_n  10407353_786582704768958_4338793383995536412_n

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