Summit 3: Mt Leinster in Carlow, with Ciarán Oglesby

On the way to Mt Leinster, Ciarán and I found 5 minutes to go 5,000 years back in time and visit the dolmen with the heaviest capstone in Europe. On a mountain used for television we experienced proxivision due to heavy cloud. A lot of us don’t associate that mountain with the pictures on our TV screens – it is remote to us, both geographically and consciously; but for a lot of people, this mountain is an ongoing reminder of loved-ones lost. On our way home, Ciarán showed me where he’d almost died himself, in a car crash when he was 5 years old. In 1891, Carlow Town shed light on its streets. In 2015, another summit-trip again shed some more light, on people, and on life.

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