Summit 1: Galtymore in Tipperary, with Cian Lyons

The first of the 32 Summits.

Cian and I battled horrendous weather for most of the day, and reached the summit of Galtymore.  A triumphant summit-photo ensued, but my phone died in the wet conditions, and only Cian’s photos of me survived.  While Summit 1 was a regular day’s mountaineering I learned quickly that this project is not really about the mountain – and it is certainly not about me.  It is about about the other people with whom I make the journeys, and it is about the people – both alive and dead – that we meet along the way.  And I saw this even more clearly before the end of Summit 2.




2 thoughts on “Summit 1: Galtymore in Tipperary, with Cian Lyons

  1. Hilda by Design

    Can’t express how delighted I am to see this blog, Cormac!! Bravo you! Look forward to reading all about the summits in your own unique way {…and will be super fun to read the blog with my Hubbie in it!!!}
    Enjoy every second of this wonderful journey xxxx



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