Summit 7: Mullaghmeen in Westmeath, with Tom Bannon

Underrated Westmeath provided the lowest of the 32 Summits, and the height of interest. Sean’s Bar in Athlone is the oldest pub in Ireland – possibly the world – and was owned during the (19)80’s by Boy George. In Abbeyshrule the Grand Canal crosses the Inny River via a raised aqueduct. Submersible pumps take water from the river and raise it forty feet to the canal overhead. The Seven Wonders pub in Fore celebrates the ancient myths of St Fechin’s achievements in that once-walled village. His fortified 7th-Century monastery is the only Benedictine site remaining on the island. Campervan-living allowed us to spend the night in the village, and the evening in the parlour room of the Seven Wonders. And lowly Mullaghmeen, our smallest Summit, rose from the largest Beech plantation in Europe to give a view of all four provinces.

Special Guest Stars: Ciaran Reilly and David Cox

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